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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sour Grapes From The News-Record: Greensboro, NC

Hey folks, what is funny about this article by Doug Clark is that Mitt Romney is probably equally qualified as Stephen Colbert. Romney, a predatory private equity executive raping companies for their assets, and then writing off the expenses, unraveling, and investment on their taxes, while ultimately, shipping off the nature of the business to China. And, Romney fixed up the Olympic business office. And, he was a  governor of Massachusetts. Romney pretends to be something he is not. He pretends to be honest, and honorable. But in truth, he is a liar, and fake. He proclaims that middle income Americans are envious of millionaires, and millionaire offspring, such as Romney (Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and still keeps it there.), who have benefitted from the income inequities. Yet the research has shown, that income inequities are a dangerous and destabilizing factor in the economy. The greater the inequities, the greater the destabilizing affect.  

Colbert is the producer of his media company, supervisor of a large staff, and entertainer. He is savvy, fast-thinking, clever, and very intelligent. It would be my guess that Stephen Colbert would likely do a better job at being president.  

"Stephen Colbert for president? It can't get much worse than 

that", by Doug Clark

Stephen Colbert's "Mitt the Ripper" ad is wrong on facts, but who cares? It's just comedy, right?

Well, not really. It's political. It's meant to derail Mitt Romney's drive to the Republican presidential nomination., which he could nail down if he posts a big win in South Carolina.
Pat Paulsen alsoran for president, but he never intended to influence the actual election.
Colbert is different. In the guise of entertainment, or satire, or whatever, he really wants to have an impact.
Will he?
I hope not.
We talk about politicans with oversized egos. None compares to Stephen Colbert. This man is really trying to take out a presidential candidate.
Because Colbert plays a conservative in his TV persona, you'd think he'd aim his satirical attacks at President Obama. It doesn't look like he wants to havethat kind of impact.
Jon Huntsman went to South Carolina to drop out of the race today, endorsing Romney.
Don't wait for a Romney boom as a result.
Huntsman was a curiosity ... a thoughtful, experienced leader whom hardly anyone outside Utah had ever heard of.
If you went to the trouble to learn anything about him, you might have learned he was someone who should have been seriously considered.
Imagine -- a Republican former governor nominated by a Democratic president to serve as ambassador to China, one of our most important diplomatic posts. That says a lot.
Except to Republican voters.
Huntsman's third-place showing in New Hampshire was his high-water mark ... this time around.
Maybe he'll be back, if he can muster the resources of a Mitt Romney.
But Huntsman might have been in the wrong party. If only by 2016 we canl have another avenue besides the two-party system for serious, thoughtful and less-than-mindlessly partisan candidates to mount a credible campaign for the presidency.

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